A day in camp

Thursday, 30 May, 2006, I unleashed a sigh of hatred. It was yet another stupid day in camp where work had never failed to siege me. Frustration was all I gained and perhaps, some sort of endurance as well.

Morning was to set up the PA system again, but this time for the parade square instead of MPH. Drizzling had stopped and we had to wait for instruction to whether to proceed on.

The funny thing was to retrieve the three microphones from Shep’s table. I did not want to disturb her from work and since she had taken a peep at me, I took them without a word. She halted me after a few steps away and I knew what she wanted. I put them back in place, which managed to draw some amazement to her face and I was safe.

I was glad that the guys were working hard enough that I did not really need to carry any heavy stuff at all. The system worked after some time before we could start into our cold breakfast. After that, contractors came to check the ceiling for water leakage but instructions were not clear that Ben and I wasted our time waiting at level four. At eleven thirty, I went for the office duty, to sit inside Miss Lee’s office for an hour during lunch time, which was a very waste of time.

It was not an easy lunch again with calls from the office to interrupt. Then, Gan called me to ask for the keys to the old lecture rooms when I was rushing back to the office and tasks were awaiting for me at the theatrette. I tried calling back to the office to search for the keys but none could confirm whether we were holding on to them.

Gan told me the bunks for the CSOs were taken back to house trainees and they were given permission from their superiors to take one of the old lecture rooms at level six instead. I went back to the office to pass him the keys to check out the rooms, telling him he had to return them no matter what, unless permission from my superiors was granted.

I could have followed him up but the organisers for the theatrette event had arrived and the rest of my colleagues were either busy or having their usual “MIA” routine. In the end, one of Gan’s colleagues had taken the keys out of camp to duplicate. Though it was really a small matter for the rooms were empty afterall and I would certainly give them the permission if I had the power, the failure to uphold my responsible stricken me till today.

Back at theatrette, I did not expect the bastard to be in charge of the event. During the third Signal Institute anniversary event at MPH, he called the shots as well; though very successful, his attitude sucked so much that I He was with Logan a moment ago to fuss about the courseware and probably because of Logan’s rank, he tried too hard to suck up and even screwed Rongji over nothing.

The usual problem with the sound cable caused his displease. He wanted us to get Quek down but we could not contact him since he had lost his phone. This bastard gave his attitude again, saying, “I don’t care. You all better get him here before I come back.” A child with little brain would know it was impossible since he was without a phone and that superiors had no oblige to inform their subordinates about their locations, that bastard’s dream was too bad but to be shattered.

If *** did not fund us to get better equipments despites the repeated reporting of the faulty and lousy equipments, we could not do anything. However, the other supposed-to-be spoilt cable was working fine and thus it saved us all the troubles. I worked for the sake of my professional and certainly not for bastards.

In the meantime, I did go back to the office to get stuffs up and when Wah Chuan was there to return the projector, none of the people inside the office could be bothered to entertain him, causing my frustration. This was how things were getting on there, which really disappointed me so much.

That evening, I had a busy time at the main office as I was on duty, sadly had to make Sam wait for me. We left camp together with Yuan Le and Jonshit, across the streets for dinner but Yuan Le went home first. Sam and I went back to camp after that and he treated me to a can of beer.

It was good to stay inside the office but Sam preferred a bed to air-conditioner. Since I was the one asking him to stay overnight, I had to abandon my colleague and accompany him at his bunk. It was a peaceful night.

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