A lazy hero

There was a wallet on the seat behind the wall near the escalator. I knew someone must be left it there without noticing as it slipped off the pocket.

I was lazy to care about it, think that someone would take and bring it up to the control room.

The back feature of an old man looked like a cleaner walked past me. I thought that was a good sign until I realised he was a passenger instead.

I saw him as a weirdo since he reacted like he never saw the wallet. At first I thought he was lazy like me, which was rare.

He placed his handbag to intersect the line of sight between me and the wallet and then he sat at another side of it. I sensed something wrong immediately.

He sneakily put the wallet into his pocket and totally ignored my staring. I knew I had to do something, walked towards him and questioned him.

He claimed that the wallet belonged to him until I gave a longer and sharper stare at him. He started to fumble and thought it belonged to me. I took the student card out with his apologising before I walked confidently up to the control room to hand it over.

The man asked if I wanted to leave my contact number behind but the owner was not a girl.

I wondered if I had done a good deed; I could have taken it up in the first place instead of being such a “hero” to confront that guy.

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