A little walk

[Tuesday, 11 April, 2006]

I took a little walk down from Bukit Purmei back to Tanjong Pagar. The routes which familiar faces appeared in my illusions posted pictures of places I used to pass by but never taken closer looks at.

I stopped randomly to look around; I did not know what was in my mind.

I recalled the Purmei trips to Bianhong’s house, playing with his sisters and even had to entertain him with soccer at the void deck. We talked about so many things, inclusive of relationships.

I passed by Silat, somewhere the community centre was located at, where I had a dumb competition at years ago with the GESS volleyballers. I remembered Peiqin’s twenty-first birthday party where large groups of ex GESSians were at her place.

I came across the prata shop at Kampong Bahru Road, the place where I dined at during camps in school; then I reached the paths where I used to pass by when I was fetching Zhouhuan after her school.

Next was the route 2.4km run was trained at and the long road down towards the bus 75 bus-stop which I always took with Irwin and others.

A peaceful night, though it took more than an hour to reach my place.


The moon at Purmei.

Way down.


Sunny moon.

From far.

Evening of the lonely bridge.

Dash the night.

Silent railway tracks.


Familiar stroll.

The old-time Kampong Bahru Road.

Towards the T-junction.

Stairs for the rainy days.

The old school route.


Mini forest in the dark.

Photographer’s loneliness.

Used-to-be flat land.

7pm wait.

Tanjong Pagar Railway station.

The glory sign of Cantonment Towers.

Yan Kit Road 1.

Yan Kit Road 2.

The renovated bridge 1.

The renovated bridge 2.

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