A need to recuperate from the exhaustion

[Sunday, April 23, 2006]

As planned, I stayed home almost the whole day to recuperate and touch up on my stuffs – packing of my wardrobe.

I woke up quite early but dozed off after some time. The day was not very smooth as I realised the need to help my younger brother in his preparation for his return to Tekong. I almost drained off my Doraemon’s pouch for him – my black tapes, kiwi, mini toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and casing etc.

Sadly, he would be confirmed the next week for the seven days field camp. He reminded of how ridiculous trainings could be and all my past unhappy life when I tried too hard to be a good soldier and in return got my injuries.

It was not long before my back started to ache but progress was slow. Soon, it was near evening and my mum came home to ask us down for dinner together. I finally realised which stall my mum always bought my dinner from, for the dishes looked and tasted completely the same.

As we went back home, my mum helped my brother to sew the pathetic sling bag before he was rushing off. Then, he asked me if I had ear piece for his 6610 which he could not find. I handed him one pair but it was not for the same model. Then, I had to give him my new 6230I’s ear piece since he wanted to listen to radio using his phone.

I couldn’t bear to part with it though it was just a pair of ear piece. I was keeping it inside a plastic bag, trying to treasure it dearly as I really needed it. I was allergy to mobile phone radiation that I needed it badly to reduce the harm if someone were to call me to chat on my new free incoming call line.

My elder brother and his girlfriend finally returned from Thailand and I had to stop my packing so as to not disturb them inside the room. I had done too little thing for the day.

Anyway, as promised, he brought some necklaces back so that I had more choices to wear when going out in future.

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