Addicted to sniffing tinner

[Thursday, 27 April, 2006]

I had sniffed tinned for the whole morning till late afternoon excluding lunch time. This day, both Chen De and Benjamin were on MC and Jonshit was no longer part of AVA.

As our strength gets smaller each day, there lies an unknown fear within me. Though Quek has led us out of fugitive already, the team still requires many people. We may be slacking the whole day sometimes, but there are always times when parade or any other event pops in; things will certainly go haywire without enough manpower.

This day, we were still able to survive somehow in times of needs. Troublesome people came to borrow different types of equipments and the remaining three of us were able meet their requirements. Both of them were of great helps when I was not in my usual working attitude with sickness and frustration.

Jonshit started the watching of the nomination of election in the morning and I was attracted to it. This issue would be so hot for the next few days. I took over Jonshit completely after Mani called him back to E-Plaza, but soon I got sleepy with my little giddiness.

I was having a frustration over this dispute. Mani and Jonshit were trying so hard to push the duty to each other, staying away and playing hide and seek. In the end, Mani always had to call AVA and get our guys down; it had become more of a command than helping hands.

So, I wondered if one day AVA team was involved in parade and other events at the same time, we could call the E-Plaza people up to handle all our usual stuffs, properly. I hated this asset issue that caused the lack of manpower and definitely the crappy admin side which always made things difficult for us.

We had a little feast in the late afternoon in the middle of the cohesive event. Food was brought back to the office for me and some other colleagues since we had our duties at the various offices and classrooms. That was only after a struggle at the office by me alone (excluding construction workers).

I told them to get more food back so that we could share some with the workers. There were various reasons behind it and certainly a good move. Most importantly, I believed I would be very happy if I was treated nicely during my work and so it would always apply to others; it would also motivate them to worker harder; and lastly, to finish the food at the events so that they would not be wasted at the end of the day. Anyway, the food was free of charge and so why not?

Anyway, I was sniffing the tinner for so long that I was almost immune to it. It was until Edgar and I went to the spectrum and Miss Lee put me as a temporary waiter before I could “steal” some packet drinks from the table besides her, we got back and I could not bring myself inside the office due to the smell.

It could be really a very fine day if we did not have so many equipments on hands. I realised I should not be too particular over issues and attitudes of others, learning to relax myself was a better solution to all frustrations.

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