After he leaves

My younger brother had enlisted and joined my sucky lifestyle last Saturday. I hoped he would not have a major change in character upon experiencing all the cruelty and ugly side of life.

I did not send him off as I had a tournament at the beach; moreover, my neighbours, who had not stepped into Tekong before wished to join in the fun and that my mum did not reject.

So, his two female friends, my mum and the Auntie and Uncle went together though there were only two tickets. I was sure they would not mind three “relatives” but five seemed too awkward somehow.

Young girls, especially pretty ones, however, were advisable not to go since the sergeants there were known to be eyeing girls and trying to get contacts from the new recruits. It was a trend and definitely a form of entertainments for them.

I had tried to help him whenever possible but preparation was quite simple. I bought him a torch cum with jack knife and other tools for his convenience; I had to take a loan from Jonshit in camp as my wallet was empty last week.

The problem begins.

I dislike talking too much. I’m so different from in the past but it is just part of growing up. The isolation emerges most probably after witnessing so much reality in life.

Somehow, I have communication problems with my mum as she can never understand what I say. I’m always busy in front of the computer whenever I’m at home and sometimes when I’m so stressed, she still continues to ask stupid questions like the storyline of the television show when I’m not even watching. There are endless examples to the miscommunication.

Usually, my younger brother was the one talking to her and now that he is gone, she will definitely be lonelier. I do not know what to do.

And since my mum is such a simple-minded person sometimes, I’m so worried that she will be fooled by others easily.

Troubles after troubles.

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