Ah Bee's beach invitation

[Saturday, 22 April, 2006]

The grey clouds were triumphing over the sky as the sun was setting. They stretched like huge army of the greatest animated movies, so magnificent and enchanting.

It was then I realised the colours red, orange and grey could blend together nicely. Sunset was great and the threatening dark clouds just seemed too benevolent to chase us away.

Nobody saw my urge to take out my camera to capture the most beautiful scenery with the beautiful people. I never wanted to leave the court. The allurement and weariness challenged me to drop out but I had been too stubborn.

No doubt, it was a great day. I did not like the idea of me coordinating with everyone but luckily Weitat had done great helps to get Ken and Junrong down to join us. It was Ah Bee’s idea actually and so many people predicted he would not make it in the end; it was true except that he was so unlucky to run a fever in the morning.

Weitat was so crafty to tell Ken to meet at 1130h when we were supposed to meet at 1100h. I postponed it to 1200h since Anqi and Kachua would be going in themselves later and we did not have many people. In the end, Weitat woke up at 1130h instead and we had to wait until twelve plus for him.

Feng En, Fenghui, Huimin, Yuting and her friend were inside. We started playing together after some time. I did not like the weather for it was too windy; the ball was blown away before and after I dug or set. I realised it was stupid to jog just the night before.

Yuting’s friend soon got me very irritated. He could talk non-stop and even started to insult other players when he himself was not even an average one. The girls had had enough of him as well. The worst thing was that he made me take extra steps and runs each time the ball came over to our side of the court. They planned to go for a movie in the evening but dropped the idea since it was too rush. Somehow, that pest left us in peace.

As the wind slowed down its pace, everyone was so engrossed in the game. Nobody remembered about photo-taking or the earlier plan to go for kayaking. We did not stop until the sky was almost totally dark and rain started to pour.

My juniors separated with us. We took a long walk out to main land as the departure hall was too crowded to even queue up. Dinner was like usual at the food court with lots of craps.

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