An absurd kiss – I love it

[Wednesday, 26 April, 2006]

I was dining in a big group, chatting loudly and humorously. As we were parting, everyone asked for directions so that there was companion on the way home.

For me, I was involved in a volleyball match with Andy and Anqi in the evening at Clementi, so that I would be on the same way as Huimin. I jokily claimed that I would be travelling with her and she gave me the usual disgusted looks.

It was a good opportunity to get nearer to XYZ actually and she gladly agreed to move off with me. We approached the lift and I was surprised that she was going up to the top of the car park to fetch her car because I did not know she had a driving license already.

After we stepped out of the lift, I realised that I had left my bag inside. I dashed down the stairs from level six to race the lift and luckily it was programmed to stop at level four. After retrieving my bag, I took the stairs instead of lift and started panting in front of XYZ.

Looking sad, she told me she had totally forgotten how her car looked like and even the car plate number could not be visual in her brain. She appeared more depressed as time went by.

I did a few questioning but she could not answer me anything. I tried to lighten and give her some hopes by requesting for a kiss if I was able to solve the problem. Out of nowhere, she rewarded me a peck on my cheek. I helped her to one side to sit down and soon she dozed off, looking so beautifully like an angel. I was feeling lucky.

I started walking around to search for her car and even sought help from a guy who looked like technician. I called Anqi but she could not remember the number as well.

At times, I glanced at XYZ who looked so innocent and charming, and it gave me motivation to continue with the search. I was thinking of trying out each car with her key but it might trigger the alarms and suddenly I realised I could have played with the remote control key to trigger sound from her car.

I woke up.

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