An evil race to promotion

I hate office politics just as much as I hate smoke and cigarettes.

I never expect it to happen even in the army. It is physical tiring and now it adds on with mental torment.

When a desperate man tries hard to rise to power, he can do anything, regardless how others would feel and how much they would suffer.

He tries to push more platoons into the institute at one go, and even shorten the length of their courses; he tries to make the library open till late night daily for self study when the trainees are already tired enough to doze off.

He never expects for the consequences – the worn out of staffs and trainees, especially the knowledge the trainees would bring out after the course. If the trainees cannot acquire all the knowledge and skill due to time constraint, they might as well not go on course in the first place.

Seriously, who can study from 0800h to 2200h everyday? The platoons need long time to prepare for their next day’s exercises sometimes.

So this guy is desperately pinning his promotion on the sufferings of everyone. Every platoon sergeant would have to spend more time with his platoon each day when learning hours are increased; every instructor would have to conduct more lessons; and all the staffs in charge of the rooms have to stay back until the trainees finish their lessons. The inhuman thing is that no bunk is indented for the staffs who need to stay back till late hours; some even have to travel home from west to east.

He calls for a meeting with all the department heads, but he never includes the commander or deputy commander, such that his rank is the biggest during the meeting and he has the say over everything. How smart he is. He even has a back up as one of the department heads, who is none other than his suck cock buddy, the man I despise and condemn, who has given me enough problems during the last few events I was involved.

If he were to stay behind every night with all the staffs and send them home after work, there will not be as much grudges now. Since this guy is a selfish asshole, we will just continue to hate him more each day.

Hopefully, his plan will be voided by able-minded people.

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