Another Saturday morning burnt

[Saturday, 29 April, 2006]

It was so silly to wake up on a Saturday early morning and had to go back to camp.

I took a lazy stroll from Choa Chu Kang MRT to camp instead of a bus. The distance was actually quite short but ten minutes’ slow walk was rubbing my knee caps.

Rongji was still the guard 2IC when I reached before eight. Duty officer was Melvin again and I woke this poor boy up from his sleep to get the keys to open TRMS office to get AVA office’s keys.

Rongji joined me soon and both of us waited for the contractors. I was surprised to see Warrant Rajoo since I thought only Blackie would join us.

As I was going to the water cooler at the accommodation block to fill my water bottle, he was just downstairs suntanning his car. I did not know if I should leave him at the parade square alone but I chose to stay behind since he told me contractors were coming already. I never expected him to walk away with his car’s doors all opened; it was a Saturday and nobody would touch his car anyway.

The sun, who tried to bake me, soon became stronger. After more than an hour of waiting, I gave up and went back to the office.

A sudden opening of door caused alertness and I thought the contractors had arrived, but it was only Rajoo. Together, we waited on.

1100h, they finally came. I was not sure it was whose fault to make me wait for three hours. Rongji brought one guy to CAI rooms while I went to the store room to take out the chairs for another guy to fix.

I thought it was a full day work, expecting to leave at very late hour but Rajoo announced the day was just for fixing of the spoiled chairs and door ledges. I helped the guy in fixing the chairs to make the progress faster, as well as to learn by hands-on.

Everything was done up fast and I went down to the CAI lab one to join Rongji. After that, I showed the contractors to the spoiled floor inside another room and finally ended the day.

The cheapo furniture had caused all the troubles. If someone had tested the quality of the equipments before purchasing them at a lower price, we would not have to waste so much time getting contractors to fix and change them.

Rajoo drove us over to the SI building where I returned the keys to the new duty officer, Teck Loong, again. Rajoo then drove us out to the MRT station and Rongji introduced me to lunch at the interchange.

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