Beach before John and Felix's enlistment

It was not easy to play volleyball with an injured finger. I could not lock my hands together, which resulted in very bad digging. Same went for spiking, the dear of triggering the finger held me back. Afterall, my skill had rotten so much.

We met at eleven and blissfully, we needed not wait so long again like my previous beach outings. It was great to be with my juniors, because I kind of “watched them grow up” in their character development part of their lives and I could see the innocence.

We started off buying tickets for the paper bends at Sunsetbay since I did not want to make things difficult for Andy again. The price had increased to $5.50 per pax already.

Windy day was a nuisance to volleyball players. I had bad games until I borrowed the nail cutter from Andy. The real games started only when we played against other teams. We played it well until tiredness caught us.

I did not do my best at first as to not seek too much attention when there were girls in the opponents’ teams, until when opponents started to play unfriendly, I was too weak to do anything. The last game was against Peifeng’s friends whose height beat us. They suggested playing standard rules, which almost disgusted me to puke.

Saving the first all with setting, dropping balls with finger tips and setting over of second balls, they played the game just like indoor volleyball, too outrageous for their initiated rules. For around ten offences committed, they only admitted for the one ad only once. We lost them by a small margin, but never wanted to get back any glory with the rascals.

Da Zhang had lots of creative moments and he managed to utilise my memory card fully when I always thought the 124MB XD card was big enough. In the end, we had to delete off those “missed” moments.

There was no group photo on that day. We could have more fun other than just playing volleyball.

Dinner was at Seah Lm food centre. Out of nowhere, the frustration just made me gobble up food like chay kway tiao and roti prata.

The girls at a different table left earlier, whereas the guys were waiting for Felix and I could not afford to waste anymore time.

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