Byebye Man Utd

[Saturday, 29 April, 2006]

Manchester United loses their Premiere league title again.

What has happened to the team who has won the Premiere league, FA cup and Champion League cup titles on the same year a few years back? What has become to the coach who had been conferred a “Sir” title that year?

How I miss their old glories with all the superb skills. They used to have such good team coordination and each pass posed so big threat to opponents. They used to have the best defence squad and opponents could hardly score, or was it all Peter Schmeichel’s credits?

Roy Keane was the man one or two seasons before he left the team; Beckham helped so much with all the passing. The team used to be the winner for most of the matches they played but suddenly I lost confident in them totally, but still hoped they could buck up.

They remind me of myself; I can be good in some things at first but terrors just keep caressing me internally. However, I will never show my fear because disguising them can only do me good; just like when I was competing in chess games during primary school.

You cannot play any game with fears. I believe the players of Manchester United are of great potential but never be consistent with phobia.

What a match to end their dream of securing the title from Chelsea just now; three nil down with Wayn Rooney being stretched out of the field.

I am not such a big soccer fan, just watch it randomly when my elder brother switches on the television or friends happen to tell me about the big matches.

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