Damn the specialists

I finally got back my MRI report. I could have got it from the Orthopaedic Surgery and Neuro Surgeon specialists the previous time but somehow I was possessed.

Anyway, I visited the Neuro surgeon specialist today and he told me to just wait for another half a year to see if my condition had worsened before doing anything. He simply printed out my MRI report and thought my condition was too mild for an operation. I told him I must do it before ORD and he laughed.

To the specialists, they have seen too much similar cases that they presume most of the problems are very minor ones and obviously do not want to care too much until things get worsened.

Damn the first few Orthopaedic Surgery specialists (though I cannot not remember them anymore) for not sending me for MRI earlier; The X-ray report had already shown problems to my back and they must be thinking MRI was too costly – more than four hundred bucks – that they hesitated.

The problems will eventually worsen, may not be now or tomorrow, may not be a week or a month later, but definitely one day. Can someone ease my suffering?

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