Downgraded temporary, on the hectic day

[Wednesday, 19 April, 2006]

I never like this day for the hectic work load.

Although Kwang Han and Yuqing were on off and Jonathan was already being pulled down to E-Plaza, it was better off somehow with less manpower. We were left with Ben, Chen De, me and occasionally, unofficial helps from Gilbert (he’s supposed to be in charge of the equipment labs only).

I had a stupid morning due to the HLS (healthy lifestyle) run, because I had to join the walking party instead since I was excused RMJ (running, marching, jumping) by the MO; I would rather run or even not attend the HLS at all.

2Wo Soh put me in charge of the walking party since he knew me better than others and I was in a more outstanding PT white shirt while others were in admin shirts. I would rather walk fast like how I usually walk alone to ease any lost of pride but the rest were “old birds” of the walking party and they just wanted a relax walk; some of them had real heart problems as well. In order to keep all twelve people close together, I kept it slow, but there was this Blackie (Kuku) who tried to act garang (hardworking) and kept pushing me to hurry up when he was struggling so hard with his breathing; Nicholas abandoned me by slowing down to avoid the Blackie.

Tea break with Gilbert, Ivan and Mani was relaxing. The morning was quite smooth until getting back to the office; I made a phone call to the Medical Centre and was told that they had not received my MRI report from SGH. They asked me to pass my hardcopy to them to fasten the speed of downgrading.

Just as I was about leave the office, 007 came with Logan and I had to accompany them around the building. It was such a shame that 007 as the boss did not even know about the allocation of the rooms. The organisation was paying him more than 3k per month to surf net everyday.

It dragged on until lunchtime, I rushed to the TRMS office to photocopy my MRI report but an outsider was using it slowly with lots of papers. I went to the admin office and luckily Alex was there to help me.

So, I took the original copy to the Medical centre but the MO said the problems were not downgradeable. I seriously had doubts in him for at first he did not even give me any excuse status until the specialist wrote him a letter and now that he told me he would downgrade me temporary for six months to PES C2L2 only after I showed him the MRI report but he told me he did it just because of my more than six years of back pain; if he had considered my six years of sufferings in the first place, he would have downgraded me temporary since long ago. This mouse Chua was full of shit indeed.

I went to take my lunch at the cookhouse without buying Jonshit his lunch at the officer mess because I did not want his food to turn cold. I made a call to Starhub at TRMS office and the lady told me to fax my 11B over but the admin office was almost empty already. I went back to the theatrette to try to help Ben and when both of us were resting inside the control room, ISM told us to go down to join the rest in the defence video; I planned to slip off halfway if we stayed at control room. Attendance was pathetic anyway.

Quek asked me to return the VCR player after the screening; I was shocked by his capability to find it in the medical centre. Anyway, it was just nice since I had to get Jonshit his lunch at officer mess. Just before I could step out of the office, Chen De halted me to help him with the testing of sound cable at the theatrette but luckily the cable cocked up and I could finally leave.

I went to the admin office first to get my 11B faxed over to Starhub with the help of Alex again. Then, I went to return the VCR player. After that, I asked the officer mess uncle if there was sweet and sour pork meat as Jonshit specially ordered for it. Before I could call him to inform him the uncle did not cook it and ask him what else he want, the uncle was holding the box of rice and seemed extremely eager to earn my money. Since Jonshit did not pick up the call, I anyhow ordered the pathetic leftover dishes for him.

I travelled so much for the day and I hated it when I sweated my new uniform so smelly. Rooms in the afternoon were all checked by me when trainees returned the keys; it was still okay when we only had Ben and I inside the office and Ben was keeping himself occupied with his PSP all the while. I hated it when we had so many people around and none would want to entertain clients and especially when I was more senior than them.

My top unwelcome visitor came a few times to the office (to slack of course). I thought it was ridiculous for him to complain about Rehan hiding around to escape office’s work when he was doing it daily since long ago. Slacker was trying to target Chen De by asking for his whereabouts when he came in right on time.

In the late afternoon, we started packing the office to leave a space for the contractors to build partition wall. It was a bad idea to reduce my office’s size this way when we had so many people and equipments. Anyway, since the upper level wanted to do this, we had no choice but to shift the heavy cupboards and equipments once again. Ben was so energetic at the end of the day, packing up the place alone while Gilbert tried to sweep off every speck of dust.

The most satisfactory thing I did for the day was to go up alone to the haunted accommodation block at level six to get a long and heavy power extension bar from the old CAI room. So, our office could easily power up seven sets of computers with the shortage of power extension bars. The rest of them would be very shocked and excited to see our “new” power extension bar the next day.

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