Dreamed of Cai Chun Jia

[Saturday, 22 April 2006]

I just woke up, dreamed of the singer Cai Chun Jia and another babe.

I wanted to take photo with this singer but after a few individual shots, my mum’s friend wanted me to help them to take family photos.

Suddenly I realised the flash was not working. I scrolled down the photos to discover that my younger brother had taken a lot of photos with his friends just a moment ago; the low battery had caused the unavailability of the flash. I regretted so badly to pass him the camera.

Both the singer and the babe were then missing.

It seemed to be a long dream, which I could not remember the rest of the weird encounters I had inside.

It was a two-hour sleep but not enough to not let my eyes be weary now.

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