Enjoying compliments

I really appreciate compliments especially to my works. Some people may start to say I am vain, but the satisfactory to commitments is great when people are admiring them.
So much thought came into my mind as Siu Hang suddenly messaged me yesterday early morning right after midnight to question me about my works. I took a walk into the website “Fallen For Pink” (http://fallenforpink.sillydumb.com) once again.
With the efforts I had put in for it, I really appreciate myself. It took months to finish the writing as to get to the mood to pen things down. I had never given up.
I always have this low confident about myself that I think my works are under satisfactory; this is why I keep changing the layout of my personal website. But this time I seem to have grown very fond of it. Perhaps, it is due to the absence of seeing it for long.
What makes writing interesting and well-liked is the realistic contents; true life story is of course a positive attribute though some facts of life can be astonishing. I cherish my life experiences. People who have even tried to harm or take advantages of me are painting my life with colours as well.
There is just this pity that my languages powers are not strong. No doubt, I will continue to write, so that thoughts can be poured out from my mind; for greater understanding.
Thanks to all those who turn my efforts into accomplishments.

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