Eventful day – 110304

Saturday, 11 March, 2006, a full day of events rounded up my day.

It began with Fredrick waking me up for the cycling outing at ECP (East Coast Park). I did not really want to go since the past few days were tough for me and that I was very lack of sleep; but I never wanted to disappoint them.

At least they dragged so long that I was given time to slack. I hopped on the bus 196 at Cantonment Road to join them. Then, the few of us inclusive of Ivan, Rueben, Rehan, Fredrick and his girlfriend began with breakfast at the MacDonald’s.

Outings would never be missing of girls-watching when I was around. The few of us crapped about a group of people with an only lucky guy. One of the girls with bandaged ankle was quite pleasant looking, not so mesmerizing, but enough for us to play stalking.

We sped up and slowed down in order to account for everyone. We saw big tortoise near the pavement, we passed by the spot where Sam fell to bleed, we paused at the entrance to Changi Safra Resort, then we were stopped by some rangers who claimed that there was a huge bee hive nearby.

We ended up at the East Coast Lagoon food centre to replenish our thirst. The one dollar big packet of coconut juice was an icy medicine to dehydration. Somehow, I could not finish it.

We set on to a race with Rehan who suddenly sped up so fast that I could not catch up with him. We reached the other end of ECP before turning back to return the bicycle. We camped at the MacDonald’s after that and saw two future chiobus with their parents – both Ivan and I were very impressed because they seemed to be only in primary school.

Next destination was the IT fair at Suntec City. The crowd almost got us truck at some places. The Nintendo girls were in white again, some like the previous time I went. This time, there was an X-Box girl dressed up like an animated girl. One weird thing was that the pretty salesgirls were only lookable in some angles.

We walked around as Fredrick was finding his RAM for his camera. I was looking for XD card but it could not be found in all the booths that sold the memory cards. I was interested in the price of a webcam which was less than twenty bucks but could not get to see the model before we left.

Next mission was our lunch and the final destination was set at Carls Junior. As I was not trained to take expensive food, such that I did not know how to appreciate them, the meal set was a waste of money.

I set off alone to Kovan MRT in the late afternoon. The down pouring rain caught me off guarded. It was terrifying like typhoon, soaking everyone badly under the huge bus shelter. I met up with Yongming as we wet to look for Lynn together.

The rest arrived one after another in pairs. It kind of resembled a socializing function, of a more formal one. The most popular question was to ask about how was the army’s life.

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