Farewell BBQ to John and Felix

It had been long since I last had BBQ at Parc Oasis. The GESS volleyballers had organised one this time as a farewell to John and Felix before their enlistment this weekends. Basically my previous weekends were burnt out with their company.

I met up with Mrs Ng, Sichun and Yuting at Chinese Garden MRT. Mrs Ng complained to me that I was always missing in action but she never knew I was not informed of events sometimes.

Sichun and I dipped into the water soon. It was dark and without a goggle, I almost barged into a few girls couples of times. I could not even see if they were pretty or not. We could have stayed inside the water longer if not for Chuanjie’s call; we went out to fetch him and Jinyang.

The night was somehow quite boring. As compared to the previous gatherings, the older ones had more noises and of course joy. Was it due to everyone had grown more mature or an unaccomplished dream prickling?

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