Have you ever realised the power of beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?

It is so strong that even when everyone knows the girl is no longer as pretty as in the past, someone still thinks she is the most beautiful girl.

He keeps quiet because somehow their friendship seems to be taken to a test where they hardly talk to each other.

She has never appeared in his contact list once for the entire year though she has been going online; he never knows what has happened but always expects for the worst; he imagines himself as a pest, losing confident no matter how strong he tries to get when it comes to dealing with his princess.

He never forgets the date she has promised him, be it another one year, one decade or even one century. He was once a fortunate guy until repeatedly being rejected for his proposals. She is never free for him.

They have never been close as friends that he knows well nothing can progress further. For his phobia he has taken a step out to strife for his own happiness, but she has been leading him further back.

Her voice continues to mesmerize him as he takes short glances at her. Her laughers take him rides to the heaven times and times again. No one has noticed how he is enjoying her gestures.

Her eyes, her lips and her complexion, though not perfect but have greatly influenced his concentration for the day. There is too much charisma within her.

His heart beats for the urge to draw nearer to her, still as depressive, as night falls to their departure.

She is so beautiful.

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