Free incoming call

It is so nice to have a free incoming call line, such that when someone calls me, I need not rush to put down the phone. Even when strangers dial the wrong number, I do not mind.
However, I get teased by Gilbert nowadays when I start to complain about the poor reception.
I choose Starhub despite this because they charge outgoing calls by seconds and not minutes; it will definitely save up a lot for me.
I have heard so much from almost everyone that Starhub has the worst reception among the three main mobile phone line service providers in Singapore – inclusive of Singtel and M1; I used to think the poor reception means only the coverage of area, until I get poor reception at every place – my house and camp.
Each time you see me stretch my hand up with the phone high in the air, do not find it weird because I’m trying to get back reception in a faster time.
Anyway, I’m currently using this PowerValue100 plan ($25.20) which costs around $20 after 20% discount for Corporal plan. It consists of 100 minutes free outgoing call and 500 free SMS (additional 500 with student pass).
I have called the service line thrice; two of the operators said no to my additional of free 500 SMS (privilege of ***, same goes for Singtel services) but corrected themselves after checking it out. Now, I’m waiting for news after faxing my 11B over.
Just a tip for current M1 users, they offer me this free service of SMSing you if you have a missed call when your phone is switched off or has no reception. Try and ask for it if you think you need it.

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