His philosophies

Quek should compile a philosophies book of his own, publish it and everyone has to study it; government should then enforce on the reading of it, setting a module for all students, which is essential to pass in order to advance to the next level of education; it should weigh more than the English language subject and replace the “Morale education studies” and “Social studies” subjects; everyone has to pass this module before they can be issued license to work in Singapore.

As usual, I started to bomb him with questions yesterday while we were waiting for others to join us for work after their breakfast.

I began to tease him by saying after the area was settled, he would certainly be bored to death. He said “no” because he could never finish the work in the whole camp; there were areas to be done up like the PA system room, the AVA office, the “Store” room #1-14 and the theatrette.

I probed him that no superior had appointed him to do these up and that everything was left behind like junks since so many years ago and that he would not be staying there forever, and he could choose not to pick up the shit of others. He replied confidently that everything was linked together somehow; in future even when I go back for re-service, I might go to the same stores to draw items.

I talked about credits. He did not mind even if the upper sectors did not appreciate him, not even if 007 was given the credits instead when he was basically a boar to everything we did, and often, even caused troubles to us. He stated that the commander would be able to judge things properly as well.

There were many other theories he tried to educate me on, of course, not so clear to me yet. I was so impressed by his broad mind and willingness to sacrifice, his benevolent, initiative and all other factors I could never find in a person in this unholy world.

He had this plan to make the whole camp a better place, where people could work closely together without the selfishness; five years he would need. If he had a greater say or power, I believed he could do it; I really hoped so.

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