I saw her

[Sunday, 09 April, 2006]

I forget to say…

This Sunday, I saw Ta-m-my!

She was taking the MRT from Bugis to Cityhall direction and then changed to the North-South line. She alighted at either Dhoby Ghaut or Somerset station.

I recognised her from the decent photos from the URL that Ben Lu had sent me. She was absolutely pretty and gorgeous.

I was quite lucky that Kok Chiang and I missed the earlier train at Bugis that Weitat and Anqi managed to hop onto. Kok Chiang was noticing her all along till Cityhall and probed me when we met up with Weitat and Anqi. I was so shocked, “Yea yea yea yea… it’s her!”

I would not be so excited even if I had seen a big superstar on the street. We could have started a fan club for her.

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