Jog finally

[Friday, 21 April, 2006]

I finally went for a jog again after doing seventeen pull-ups. 14’38 for six rounds at level three was a great decrement in speed, but it was the first time I went for six rounds, which was certainly more than 2.4km.

The burning on my chest after the first round mocked at me that I should not have taken the small piece of bread just before going down. However, I really needed it for I was already so hungry at 1930h. So, breathing was difficult and I had to slow down even though I still had strength to speed up.

There was a pair of mother and son acting weird at the fitness corner. The old people were doing their usual exercises, aunties were chatting under the shelters, ladies were walking their dogs and some China people were chatting at the table, while two idiots were standing under another shelter, smoking away their lives.

As I was taking a stroll after the jog to cool down, I stopped by to greet the auntie who stayed below my house. She was with another auntie and asked me to sit down. She started bombing me in Hokkien and I could hardly pronounce anything properly.

She was talking about my dad’s and other relatives’ deaths and also my army life. She was so curious that why I was jogging on my own when I was supposed to have trainings in camp already. I had not been exercising for donkey months already.

I hope I can continue to exercise regularly to improve my back and knees’ conditions; but I don’t know if I should be jogging because the impact on the ground might worsen my knees’ injuries. It is just that these days, after returning from camp every evening, I am too tired to do anything.

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