Mum's birthday present

Recently I am facing a big problem which I cannot solve no matter what.

I have made fruitless efforts to seek help from some of my friends who cannot contribute anything special to me.

I need to get my mum a birthday present.

Two years ago, princess picked a handbag which my mum was very pleased with. Last year, I bought a perfume during an outing with the BMCC people. This year, I am at a lost again.

Jewellery, clothes and shoes – they are really hard to be chosen. She is not lack of anything and this year; I basically know nuts about what she needs other than someone to accompany her.

Perhaps, I can bring a sweet girlfriend home and she will be more than happy. Crap.

It simply worsens my illness whenever I try hard to think of it. Maybe I should learn from her and give her a $20 red packet every year; maybe $20.10 perhaps.

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