Never understand

One thing I cannot understand about my mum is that she keeps complaining about the high electricity bill each month but she never wants to save up.

She knows well air-con is very energy-consuming but she still insists in using it every night.

At first I thought after my younger brother had enlisted, things would be better. However, my mum still insists in switching it on every night and finally I realise it is not my younger brother who wants to enjoy such luxury.

To me, it is more of torment instead. I think using of air-con during normal or cold weather is a waste of money and resource; moreover it will lower the temperature to an unbearable degree. Why pay extra money to torture yourself?

My mum used to be such a miser but now I cannot be certain of it anymore. It is definitely not money well-spent. I mean I do not mind and would definitely appreciate it if the weather is extremely hot that fans cannot help to keep us comfortable.

The next culprit is none other than my elder brother. Last time when he was serving the army, electricity bills were much lower.

He is an enjoyer and would do anything that can please himself regardless of the cost. Despites complaints from my mum, he would switch on the air-con even in the day.

Situations become worse now after he gets a girlfriend who visits my house very often; he uses air-con almost everyday for long hours until the electricity bills are kind of insane.

Even though he has been earning more than me since young, whether getting part-time job or serving the army and till now as an insurance agent, he has been spending so much more than me without saving any cent each month. Basically, his bank account falls to near zero each month and I really wonder if he has any plan for the future.

Another big issue is the mobile phone bill each month. My brother’s bill is more than hundred dollars each month. The money my mum has to pay for his phone bill is more than the price of all the plans except the most expensive one in all the three mobile phone subscribers.

If you do not have a big head, do not wear such a big helmet.

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