For the past two days, I had been struggling in camp to help Ou Xiang with her project. Indeed, there were more free time ever since Quek arrived with his large benevolent sword and witty shield.

Life still could be improved more, but certainly not within his or anyone else’s capability. It had been a trend in the whole disgusting place, where people made lives more difficult, especially for the kind souls.

There were too many reasons why nobody could really do their self upgrade or any personal project even with the large amount of slacking time, except for Jonshit, who simply ignored most of the daily job scope. It was still alright for one out of six workers to care only for his personal stuffs or just sleep around, but it would soon become disastrous when others were beginning to follow.

The frustration outburst when I held another round of conference for reflections in my mind. Newbie Ben had been doing so much work recently, allowed me to spend more time on the project. However, the extremely short interval of interruption from absurd people had drawn too much helps from my office.

When Ben was gone, I had to stop my work soon. I hated it when selfish people could not judge the importance of things. Between someone who was doing his own project, someone who was playing game, someone who was chatting in a corner and someone who was just dozing off, who should be the one entertaining the crap when the door was opened?

I was not a jury, but to me, I would choose any except for the one doing the more useful thing; maybe others would think likewise (probably he was one of the other three “someone”).

Back to the project, I had told Ou Xiang long ago since she first asked for my help that she had to give me all details as early as possible. I just received her email a few days ago, which contained a document of report, with all the findings I was not sure of; there was no instruction or anything else.

I was told to do a website with that lengthy report. When I saw that one of the tables was a whole image file by itself, I asked her if she had any typed version of it and she said no. She told me she had no time to type it out and she knew her other three team-mates would not help her with this. So, I was left speechless because I was not sure if I should be helping selfish people who did not even care about their project and expecting my Ou Xiang to settle it by herself.

The dateline, the expectation and friendship dipped me in a pool of confusion. Then, I was stupid again.

Out of despair, I seek help from Edgar who kindly helped me with the transferring of data from that image file into texts. After doing a neat and tedious insertion of the first part of the report into HTML tables, I tried to upload my work into my email before book out. Then I saw the email from Ou Xiang inclusive of the text version of the image file, and also, updates of the whole report.

If there was any change in the first part, my earlier efforts would be gone to waste.

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