Sunsetbay's competition

Yesterday marked the end of the two-day competition organised by Sunsetbay itself. Forty bucks per team of five including a reserve player and each team required a girl to be in court at all times.

My team consisted of Anqi, Kok Chiang, Weitat and Kachua (last minute replacement of Mingfa). Kachua was actually the initial player I had invited but he thought he was not free at first. I did not pin any high hope since Tze Khit refused to play.

On the first day, we were supposed to meet at 8.30am for breakfast. Poor Kok Chiang reached earlier and since I knew it was a usual practice for everyone to be late, I settled for 9am instead. Anqi was extremely late, which was very much expected, to think that she was the one who asked us to go early to warm up.

“Team Neo” the name was come up by Andy Khoo. I never expected us to be so unlucky to be seeded in with Huiyong’s team inclusive of Kunhan; before registration, I was told that they were not joining. The other teams in the same grouping were regulars of the beach and were quite strong.

I really hoped we could play better but it was impossible when everyone had rusted so much. Other than Weitat, everyone had not touched “real” volleyball for so long. I played the setter role in place of Mingfa, whereas, we had only a spiker each time; Weitat and Anqi were playing defensive and Kachua swapped with Kok Chiang over matches.

The carrying of heavy loads in camp on last Thursday had weakened my back so much that I failed to coordinate my body well; Kachua was almost a stranger to volleyball that his stamina was never as good as in the past and definitely; Kok Chiang could never be as firm as in the past; Anqi involved too much in her social life and lost touch with volleyball since a year ago whereas Weitat was somehow cursed.

Overall, Kachua was our only scorer, but he was never a deadly threat to opponents other than weakening them with his soft spiking; perhaps, we needed two Kachua in order to terrorize them totally, or maybe I could grow ten more centimetres that I could block the attacks well. At least, we did quite well in some games and almost freaked the opponents out.

We were slackers actually.

So, we watched some teams played with lousy opponents and then got into more rounds, while we shook our heads to curse luck and crapped about everything we could see. Somehow, Weitat and Anqi had the most number of lame jokes.

Shauna’s presence on the first day was the biggest gift I could receive. She gladly helped me to take photos when we were in the court. There were basically three girls I was looking at – the sweet setter previously from St.hildas, the cool angmohish girl (maybe ex PHS) and the most attractive girl with superb figure and cute looks from some angles.

Boobs were never the highest priority that I would look at a girl, but they were definitely very high value added. This girl was the rarest one you could see in Singapore as her waist was not big like those booby girls out there who would definitely grow fat in years to come. To others, they would only stare at her boobs; but for me, even her asset was not big I would still admire her for she really looked good in some angles.

It was too bad that I did not approach her.

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