Tennis at King's Mansion

Fcuker Sam.

Taken at Mac Cafe.

The chair.

Pigeon at the swimming pool.


The tennis court.

[Sunday, 16 April, 2006]

I gave Gilbert a message “Let’s be late since Sam won’t be early” and he told me he would take an extra half an hour. In the end I regretted telling him since he was actually late for an hour.

I was late for around twenty minutes and Sam arrived shortly after; I was right to take my own sweet time after all. We took a seat at the Mac Cafe where Sam had his breakfast. Meanwhile, I called Ruoci and she told me she was not going down anymore, in her sleep perhaps. It was so disappointing for Kailin had backed out as well when I messaged her in MSN hours ago.

Since Raymond’s house was so near, we decided not to trouble him all the way there to fetch us. We took a bus though it was only a stop away. He told us “12 Amber gardens” but we could not find it and he was still not around after a long time after I called him.

Gilbert started to get aggressive then and he threatened Raymond to come down in ten seconds. He told us his place was greenish and after dragging on, he finally arrived and brought us into the condominium with orange buildings. He could have annouced the name of the condominium instead of the street name.

Gilbert gave him the cruel attitude ever since. He had to go up to fetch the tennis balls even though he had already brought four rackets with him.

There were some people at the poolside and from far, the girl in white was so sporty and charming, but I never had the excuse to get close. I could have used my camera instead to take a closer look.

We finally started to play the game after Raymond came down. The fence was not even half as tall as the tennis courts’ at Rehan’s place. This time, I had a better control over the balls but still could not keep the balls down. It totally sucked when my middle finger had not recovered since more than a month ago after going beach with Zhengfang and his friends, that I could not even hold the racket properly. In the end, I got two balls over the fence, which was better than Raymond had expected.

I wanted to go for a swim but none of them agreed. Sam went up with Raymond to bath while Gilbert and I took the shower room besides the pool. Gilbert almost drove me crazy with his quick change of mind to dip ourselves into the pool before bathing. I had a really quick shower and waited by the poolside for them for a long time.

One thing I found it ridiculous was that Raymond had told me that he would be free for the whole day, which turned out that he had to go to church again. We could have gone to his place for tennis on Friday or Saturday but I decided not since he would be only free for half of the day (in morning or afternoon), which was quite stupid.

I felt like teasing him like how I did to Jonathan in camp, but somehow I tried to control myself. It was so kind of him to offer so much cares for the elderly, but certainly wrong to abandon friends like that. I finally realised how Peh felt about him. Anyway, I really could not get it why some people could do wrong things in the weekdays because they thought they could just apologise in the weekends. They even tried to invite me along.

So, the three of us took the different gate as him, as we heeded towards Parkway Parade again. This time, I felt stupid again since it was so nearby and we were taking the bus for a stop.

Gilbert fulfilled his desire for lunch at Yoshinoya, having Sam and I watching over him. We even played a trick on him by hiding his chopsticks so that he had to go back to get one pair.

After that, we stopped at an optical shop because Sam wanted to get a pair of sunglass. Both Gilbert and I suggested a silver frame one so that his eyebrows would not be joined with black frames. In fact, he was so cool looking that he looked nice in all the sunglasses, just the matter of which was the best. I started dozing off on the display table and we left without getting anything.

Sam and I had our lunch at the hawker centre. We took Chay Kuay Teow at this stall which Sam recommended but I thought the food really sucked. The Kuay Teow was not dark enough and was quite sticky, giving the feeling like they were going to melt anytime. The onions were disgusting as well.

Finally, we headed homes. I was so exhausted that my mind was in total blank. It was due to the lack of sleep as well as the exercising; even my fingers were too stitch to press the keys on my phone.

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