The legendary man in AVA

There is this celebration I have not called upon, which is Lion’s ORD. It is more of a blessing to us than him.

He is the man of a blessed family, the only child of his rich parents. He is given a car and also pocket money other than his NSF allowance.

Being so much older than us, I always expected him to be more sensible and take up more leadership; but even with his high rank, he had failed to set a decent example, not even up to a standard to “pass”.

– Selfish and uncooperative
As the AVA office required someone to be inside at all time during office hours, we took shifts during lunch time but he did not participle at all. Even when the rules were officially set, he did not follow.

– Irresponsible
He did not inform us of changes and issuing of equipments, nor did he complete the T-loan vouchers especially to include the clients’ contact numbers; such that we could not contact the clients when we finally got to know about the loaning. He did not clear the vouchers after the clients returned the equipments, embarrassing us when we tried to contact them.

– Act blur
For all his mistakes, he pretended ignorant. He was more senior than me but he claimed he did not know many things, which was quite true since he did not meddle in the office’s stuffs often. He repeatedly did not complete the vouchers and each time he gave the same reply “need meh?” when it seemed so obvious.

– Abuse to juniors
He was the one who insisted Friday’s overtime duties should be given to the most junior person (he was the most senior person by then). However, he did not dare to mention it again when the officer found out about this scheme.

– Cause of inconvenience
Other than not fulfilling his daily work, he came late for first parade daily even though he was driving and he stayed near by. He used traffic jams as excuses but weirdly he was late for five minutes without failed; he could leave his house five minutes earlier and traffic jam for everyday was a bad excuse. Hence, he caused inconvenience for the duty clerks who needed to account for everyone. And during last parade, he purposely list out all the repeated news to try to impress the officers because he needed not wait for the shuttle bus.

– Skive
Given even a simple job like pasting some posters around the four-storey building, he took two days to accomplish the job. We knew well what he had been doing – like taking keys to empty rooms to sleep, which was his routine. For this, he had tried to make friends with people from other departments so that he could hide in their offices sometimes.

– Steal credits
He always talked “big” to steal credits whenever possible. One of the dirtiest lie he had told a superior was that he was late for a meeting because he was cleaning off bird shits outside the windows. We had spent hours removing the window plates to clean the outside walls, he went and told us to go and find the superior first.

– Un-contactable
As he was so rich, he subscribed two phone lines. One was for the camp people to contact him, using a lousy phone and another line was for other friends which he did not want to let anyone to know. So, most of the time we could not contact him and he claimed that his phone had automatically shut down.

– Playboy
Since he was good with words and with his family wealth, he could get girls easily. He had a steady girlfriend but that did not stop him from flirting around. He often chatted online with many young girls in camp through MSN and sounded so mushy. I had personally witnessed him try to get contact number from stranger.

I doubt he has learnt many things through skiving in camp. His mindset is like a normal NSF, but he has gone overboard somehow; he knows he need not please any colleague since they cannot give him any benefit but he is creating hatreds for himself. He does not care about having a clear self conscience or maybe his prospective towards life is different. He thinks whoever hates him is jealous of him being able to slack his way through NS life; to me, his absence is pushing of his share of work to the rest of us and that is the reason for our fuss. For all the craps he has done and not done, and not being penalized, he is a legend of my department – AVA.

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