The outing at Suntec City

Last Friday, the outing did not turn out good as expected. I should have a better plan to prepare for the worst but in fact, nothing could really be done.

It was Seah’s idea to meet us out after he had RODed and found a stable job. He wanted us to plan for everything including people to call.

Just as I was busy with many things, it added on to my workload. Things could be better if everyone was spontaneous but seriously it was impossible when it came to a big group outing.

Again, it was a good chance to test friendship and I expected who would be keeping in touch with me after we bid each other goodbye by end of this year.

The morning was the beginning of a guilty day for me. I had asked Yuqing to pick me up since the RP would not do spot check on cars. So, I was able to bring my camera along. I met Weichuan at Jurong East MRT like usual and then I invited him along.

I never expected it to be the same weird day like the previous time; Kwang Han rang Yuqing up for help as he was going to miss the second shuttle bus again. This time, it was worse when Yuan Le needed help as well and there was still another available seat until Mani suddenly appeared. Since Weichuan could afford to take the third bus, we had to abandon him after the fifteen minutes wait with me.

As the day went by, I realised more people from the TRMS office were joining us. I anticipated more problems, like some people might have watched the movie or simply disagreed to watch; the movie might have been sold out as well.

Evening arrived and Gilbert insisted in going home first even though he did not stay as close to Suntec City as I; whereas James had missed the first bus and had to take a cab down. I tried to contact Seah to inform him that we would be reaching soon but he did not pick up my calls. Them, I was told that we had to wait for Louis as well.

There was a problem at the ticket booth as expected. Ivan had watched Ice Age 2 and then Yongfu and Tze Siang did not want to go home too late for the Ultra Violet show at an even later timing. I called Seah twice and before he could give me an answer after his useless questions, the lines were cut off.

We managed to seek his agreement sometime later. Gilbert, Louis and James had already arrived. Just as we were buying the tickets, Tze Siang and Yongfu had also decided to join in but James had to meet other friends still.

We had another problem as Seah did not know the place well. I took up my frustration and tried to guide him to where we were – Carrefour. My throat was extremely dry because I had not had even a slip of water since lunch and I had been raising my voice so much.

Suddenly, another problem aroused when Seah mentioned about Lim’s arrival soon and that we did not buy a ticket for him. Dinner was finally settled at “Just Noodle”. I was glad that everyone was not so particular about food.

Though the name of the restaurant told us that they were specialised in noodle, but the choice of food with rice seemed to be more. I ordered “deep fried chicken” set meal for $5.80, which included free flow of peace tea; it was tasty and certainly quite worthy of the money.

Lim arrived soon and claimed that he had watched the Ultra Violet show already; though I was not sure if his words were true, that was a relief afterall such that we needed not worried about getting another ticket.

There were full of craps and bullshit like usual. The greatest joke of the day was when Yongfu pointed out at the water point when a girl was over there. She was back-facing us behind the wall to top up her water and her bare-naked shirt at the top back made her look like naked. Yongfu was just so lame that I could not stop laughing for more than half a minute.

The scenery was good with numerous of cute girls anyone could expect at a small place. One of the sweet girls reminded me of Carol and she was so girlish looking. There were also injustice situation like a guy with a large group of girls dining there.

We went up to the arcade after our dinner. Then, we started taking group photos despite that the movie was beginning soon. We missed a few minutes of the show in the end.

The story plot was not very interesting but the animation was quite well done. Towards the end of the less than one and half hour movie, I felt so sleepy.

There was nothing to do after that. Since not everyone was as easy-going and self-sacrificing, I did not want to risk being insulted with my suggestions. We strolled towards Cityhall MRT and some left, leaving Siu Hang, Louis, Fredrick, Ivan, Seah and I behind.

It was a mistake to not go home. We had no idea where to go under money restriction. We walked around Clarke Quay, Raffles Place and Chinatown for hours until we sat down at the coffee shop near Outram Park MRT. I took two pieces of roti prata while we chatted there for hours.

As it started to rain, we left and tried to find a shelter. We could have hanged out at the entrance of the MRT but they did not want. Suddenly they walked off and I followed behind with my big bag. I tried to ask them for the destination but they did not say until we were near SGH block nine, they were heeding for Ivan’s house. I felt so dumb for them to walk in the rain as I could not afford to fall sick for the BBQ and beach the days after.

A sudden gasp of disgust filled my mind, blaming me for being a dumb. I was in a total fixed for Peifeng’s project and my so many unfinished journal entries, and yet I was wasting the whole night like that.

Even though I knew clearly where Ivan stayed as my auntie was staying at the next block, it was the first time I went to his house. We camped at the living room and I stared dozing off.

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