The winner is…

I cannot understand why jerks are always at the upper hand; luck never seems to abandon them even for a short moment.

I never like to feel this way that perseverance is useless but sometimes I really fail to psycho myself into acknowledging.

I hate to feel dizzy when I do not need to, especially when I cannot afford to.

These assholes are causing harms not only to girls, but to me as well.

It is absolutely stupid to fall deeply in love with two girls at one time and you ask one to wait for you for a year.


This is getting too dramatic that I’m beginning to find it redundant, forcing me to curse and swear, to lose the very last sanity I have.

Isn’t it weird that you fall so madly in love with a bastard and you claim that you cannot lose him, but still manage to survive a few years later, or even in the arms of another bastard?

I have immune to this child-like game of mankind. Have you?

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