This is not my house

Into the next day, you still cannot get to bath because your wardrobe is inside a room where a couple are in; you could have knocked the door to get anything you want. So how do you feel when you are suffering just because you want to play kind?

This is the retribution for being benevolent to move the work station out of the room. Humans always take things for granted. It is not once or twice per week but more than thrice and four times sometimes.

Imagine you need to wake up early the next day and you have to wait until after midnight to bath after you have sweated; how long can you hold the uncomfortable and how many more hours can you sleep?

I do not know why each month’s salary should be spent to the last cent, partly to raise the family of those midnight shift cab drivers; I do not know how to raise electricity bill so high and yet the bill goes somewhere else.

Have you ever thought over it that last time when fans were not even invented, how do humans live on? How about before air-con was invented or even sold at an affordable price, how do you manage to keep yourself alive?

I seriously do not like this place anymore.

One day, I would get my own house so that I can have a decent work place with a reasonably fast desktop and a chair which does not aid in giving more backache. I will not have rubbish being dumped all over, which I do not even know what they are. I will have my bed too and not just a mattress on the floor where others step on daily.

I do not need to live a luxurious life but just a comfortable house will do. I suppose many people surrounding me should start to appreciate their living conditions because I am working towards them and they have already got all the needs.

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