Too mild to visit a doctor?

[Monday, 26 April, 2006]

It has been days since I am not feeling well. I have stomach discomfort, giddy and headache and sometimes I feel like vomiting. All these are too mild that I do not know if I should visit the doctor; anyway the doctor would most probably give me the same medicine like panadols.

It starts to Sunday and probably due to dehydration after the Saturday’s volleyball game or the construction work inside my office.

I do not know which idiot suggest the idea of building a three by four metres partition inside my office to act as the server room. My superiors obviously are heartless or maybe brainless to neglect everyone inside the office – three CAI and five AVA personnel and nine lab technicians.

The new walls are made of soft boards and the original soft board facing outside is torn down to be replaced with bricks and semen. I find it weird because anyone who wants to break into the server room can just break down any of the soft boards to any part of my office and then break down any of the new soft boards.

Anyway, we are just left behind inside the office sniffing in the dust particles; even the expensive equipments are suffering together with us. The CAI personnel cannot continue with their Lectora software conversion and people with weak health like me tend to fall sick easier.

It certainly helps me to sleep earlier every night.

One weird thing about me is that I wake up feeling very giddy every morning but I do not know if I should visit the doctor since it may be just normal morning symptom. I am wrong for three days already.

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