Totally lost

[Monday, 24 April, 2006]

Yuqing sent me all the way home with my “new” monitor in the rain.

The journey was of dangers and tiredness. The vehicles in front were splashing powders of water on the windscreen and there was this curve after Tanglin Mall that the opposite car dumped the whole pile of water till we lost sight for a second.

This day wrote another unhappy era of my life.

I was intending to give Yuqing a treat after that but misfortunate happened. I called my mum in the late afternoon and she finally told me she wanted to have steamboat at Marina South, which was already planned with my elder brother. This ridiculous last minute notice would not have reached me before I stepped home, until I called her.

I was in a dead fixed. I could not leave Yuqing alone for dinner after he had done a great service to me, nor could I disappoint my mum; the next day was her birthday and she had gone Marina South with us for only once in her entire life.

However, we had already celebrated her birthday earlier two weeks ago with my younger brother’s presence; I had even accompanied her and my younger brother for dinner the day before. I thought that was enough.

Besides, I hated dining outside because it wasted lots of my time to travel and wait for the food being served and the rest to finish eating. I also hated the smell of oil on my body and shirt. Having dinner there was worse.

Being struck in a speechless frustration, it aided me greatly in worsening my headache and giddiness. Filial and loyalty screwed me up big time.

Alas, he was able to find two of his friends to accompany him. It was still a night with stricken guilt.

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