We brought laughers around

[Saturday, 16 April, 2006]

I was a crap today. I brought my camera along without the memory card as my elder brother had left it on his computer’s card reader; I brought my umbrella cover without the umbrella as I had left it dried somewhere in the house after using it the previous day.

It was a karaoke outing at Marina Square. I was delayed for so long as to settle my phone lines. Seah, Gilbert, Tze Siang, Peh and Ivan were already there, singing like a concert performance.

Gilbert helped me with the order of food and the girl arrived with her sweetest smile, which almost got me into drooling. Well, she was not that pretty but quite seductive with a kind of charisma; she looked fresh and had this sunshine smile.

I could not really hear her at first and then I looked at Gilbert, and she started to follow the direction as well. I must admit I had not recovered from my shocks that I was not so calm to listen anyway. She cleared the rest of the food containers before she tried to leave the room and I failed to be quick enough to open the door for her.

I realised she did not leave a pair of chopsticks behind. After waiting for a while, I decided to stretch the phone outside the room to call for service. She was approaching then. As we went in together, I claimed to the rest that the service was so fast that she came immediately and she laughed.

I finally decided I could take a picture with her for my sudden increment of braveness, until I realised the memory card was missing from the camera. I decided to get her number instead but the next attendance who came in was a golden hair girl instead. I gave up.

Anyway, singing was not smooth as usual since I was having sore throat again. I could not even hear my voice clearly for whatever reason. We rounded up with paying $11 each for the karaoke cum lunch, which I actually thought was $7 plus only.

Next destination was Millennium Walk at TCC (The Coffee Connoisseur), which Ivan and I did not really like the idea since it was much less crowded and we had less scenery to see. Seah and Tze Siang left shortly after we arrived, leaving Gilbert, Peh, Ivan and I behind.

We had some craps to talk about and then started to play with my new phone. That was the first time I tried using Bluetooth. There was no indicator telling me the progress of the file sharing, which turned me off.

Next destination was Suntec city, where Gilbert bought a three quarter shorts at a shop. We teased him so badly especially with his waist length that the salesgirl was so impressed by our craps.

The Shopping King (Gilbert) led us to Hereen after that and we met Jimmy. It was where I saw a couple of handphone pouch which I was very interested in, but they persuaded me not to buy as it was more expensive than others; I thought it was quite worthwhile for the quality. So, my 6230I continued to house in that original plastic.

We met two ghosts outside the HMV at the third or fourth storey and the more I looked at them, I felt more like puking; fancy some people still approached them for photo taking. Geisha? That was so disgusting. We went to the toilet and as I was coming out, they passed by and I had this greatest shock of my life that I shouted and flee back inside. Then, I hurried them to get out of the HMV building.

We proceeded on to Cineleisure and had our lunch at Long John Silver. Since it was supposed to be a budgeted meal, I took the Combo One, unlike them, who were enjoying the chicken at around $6 each. That was the last stop of our day at around six plus; however, we camped there and chatted until near nine, and left when the old auntie indirectly chased us away. In fact, we were not the only ones, but I supposed she was the only displeased with us for the day.

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