About tales

I hate lying and I despise liars, but recently I come to understand the essential of not being truthful.

You cannot release facts to people who can never understand because it will sometimes lead to problems, unavoidable time wastage, and as well as worries.

I love it that someone can lie just for my sake; but at the same time I will feel very guilty.

It is still not good to lie after all. Lie for the sake of happiness and not at the expense of causing harms; do not lie for your own selfish acts.

For me, I would only try to play with words or change the topic; I fail to resist further prompting because of my principle. I am not holy as it is all for to avoid self-prickling. It is torturing to worry about being discovered after you give a false statement.

Sometimes, I fail to enjoy many benefits for being too truthful. Compared to others, I have not lost out totally because of the trust friends have shown to me. That is the main reason why I would be terribly upset when people misunderstand me; when effort does not pay.

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