[Tuesday, 16 May, 2006]

It had been quite long since we last had such busy day. Things fell together at the same time to tear u into pieces. Of all, the sudden announcement of parade on the next day forced our preparation work, causing severe lack of manpower.

Things started after Ben left the office and then both Kwang Han and Yuqing went for breakfast, leaving me alone inside the office with non-AVA personnel. The contractor came to settle the video conferencing between the four theatrette. Quek arrived soon and he told me he did not read my SMS, which was supposed to ask him to sign my off pass. I helped him out until Ben asked me to go and borrow microphone cable drum from my “sister” at 2SIG.

Kwang Han took over me while Yuqing rode me over and soon after that we got to sweat more at the setting up of PA system with Ben. There were more casualties discovered when we tried to connect the short microphone cables together.

I rushed back to the office to dig for more cables and on the way the alarm sounded. I knew it was either a test or failure, because obviously no fool would try to break in an army camp in the morning with hundreds of soldiers inside. Then I saw Blackie with a guy who looked like contractor.

In my anxiety to get everything done quickly, searching of the cables was still not fast enough to get out of the office. Shep called and I seemed to be the only one who could answer the phone. She wanted me to wait for the DO (Duty Officer) even though I told her Blackie was most probably testing the alarm with the contractor. She was a detailed woman and thus she still wanted me to confirm everything wit the DO. That fat ass should have informed the DO or guardroom before testing the alarm.

As I got down and did not see the DO, I tried to dash to pass Ben and Yuqing the cables to avoid any time wastage. However, just when I reached the main road, the DO came and I had to accompany him back. Blackie behaved just like a General and gave some hand signs to the DO while he continued to entertain the contractor. For the time stalled, I ran back to join Ben and Yuqing again. I could not understand why some people loved to act smart disregarding of the troubles they would cause for others.

When everything was done, I quickly rushed to bring the off pass to theatrette for Quek to sign. I was guilty to trouble him when he looked extremely tired. When things seemed to have settled down, I quickly rushed for my quick lunch alone and before I could finish it, I received a phone call to replace Kwang Han at the theatrette as he had not taken his lunch. Luckily, when I got back to office, the contractors had left the place.

I was nearly late for the appointment at MMI; probably some luck was still with me. It would definitely put Kenneth and the rest into awkwardness because they would help me even if I was late. Then, I started my gym being teased for the enormous number of items. I did not finish everything like the first time, skipping those not so important stretching.

I was preparing to go Bugis to check out gifts until Vivi’s invitation to join in the half hour of French fries eating session with her god brother before their rehearsal. We arranged to meet earlier and I gave up going to Bugis since I would be going out with her on Saturday to shop. I set off with my weary legs after the gym, having the fear that my feet would cramp like the previous time after the exertion.

My new television arrived. It was a 21 inches Philips flat screen television which cost $199 paid by my elder brother probably. I supposed it was very cheap.

I had some chat with Vivi in MSN before we set off at the same time. I walked over to People’s Park Centre while on the phone with her and we challenged each other to forfeit. I reached slightly earlier than her but could sense something was wrong upon she alighted from the bus. Her brother had once again caused her trouble that she had to rush home immediately. So, I waited around forty-five minutes downstairs her house and after which she gave me a surprise.

We went to Lucky Chinatown’s MacDonald’s for dinner and her god brother arrived soon after that. Since he was a very friendly guy, we had no problem clicking together. I went to watch them for their rehearsal at the Tzu Chi branch at the food street and was amazed by seeing it because I had not noticed the place even though I stayed so near.

Anyway, since not every of them could make it, they asked me to join in to fill the empty spaces. Vivi and I got to tease each other and I was enjoying her smiles and tongue sticking out actions. Everything was fine except for the kneeling down part because of the Osgood Schlatter disease. I avoided moving too much to hit the right spot to activate the pain.

Towards the end of the rehearsal, she seemed so weak and I was so lost at a moment, afraid that she would collapse. So, I quickly went out to get some dim sum and a can of her favourite green tea. When I got back inside, they were already leaving the place. I was pretty lucky that her mum was not going to fetch her and that I spent more time with her by seeing her home.

Alas, the infection of missing was healed by her. I guessed I was insane to exert myself so much that I could not function my brain properly. Everything was worthy after all, for her heart so pure.

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