Keeping accompany

I always cherish moments to be able to meet up with Vivi whenever I am free. She too, being so busy and heavily involved in her school drama as well as all the increasingly added performances for Tzu Chi accepted by her mum, is trying hard to accompany me.

There are too many restrictions and obstacles, which are hindering the time we can spend together. At least I am still able to get to see her a few times per week, for now that is.

Her efforts are impressive and I am really touched by her who seems to be exerting herself so much each time, causing my worries. I too, am losing my sleep, just to make sure I am able to see her happy and safe.

I am not sure how long it can last before one of us would break down. It is either physically collapses or mentally tears-down for unable to see each other this often.

There are too many things waiting like her dinner and performances over Malaysia, and also my work commitments after ORD; by then, I might not be able to squeeze out so much time for her anymore.

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