Last day of rehearsal

[Wednesday, 31 May, 2006]

We were joking that we would leave the camp at 9.30pm after the rehearsal since the first two days were 7.30pm and 8.30pm respectively. It was actually 10pm this time.

Total madness?

I did not have a bunk in camp and I was not staying near.

However, this day was a much peaceful day with some rest in the intervals, though not quiet and “safe” enough to doze off. I rested by the corner like the first two days, taking chance to make sure my back was not so strained.

There were some excitements within and the motivation of being the last day of rehearsal helped to ease my tired mind. I had been enjoying the craps inside the control rooms with the jokers.

However, the bad thing was that everything was too draggy and lots of time was wasted. The ushers including of some aunties and uncles, definitely no young babe, were hanging inside the theatrette after the briefing and stalled the time that we could begin the supposedly last round of rehearsal.

Things did not go well but Captain Ricky Ang was cool about it and not pushing any fault to anyone. I believed the team was working well within one another for the control room was filled with nice people.

I finally got to memorise how to preset the lighting control to reduce so much of my work load.

Actually, we were kind of being released at around 7pm but we had to take care of the theatrette; we could not hand the keys over to them to avoid violation of rules.

Edgar and Jonshit stayed over to wait for us and we went down to the office to join them. I had a whole night of phone chat with Vivi, being so concentrated and that I lost numerous times in the Counter-Strike game. Though we kept quiet sometimes, it was good enough that we knew each other was around.

I did not go up to the theatrette so as to chat with her, partly being lazy. Lucky for Yuqing was driving, he dropped me and Edgar at the CCK MRT station and I reached home at 11pm.

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