Lesson at Spectrum

[Tuesday, 02 May, 2006]

The worst thing in the morning was to realise my diary cum notebook was not with me. I started off a fruitless day on the train then. Someone might have read the contents over the weekends. Luckily I did not curse him in this new book but my URL was on the cover.

A worse day soon began in the office; the endless calls almost turned the place upside down. We searched high and low, climbed up and down the stairs and travelled to and fro the Spectrum; a big shot conducting a lesson there, creating too many sudden requirements.

The peace resumed after we had exhausted ourselves, before we started a little LANs gaming together.

Afternoon, Chen De wanted two of us to take over him and Ben at the Spectrum. The secretary, aka the bitch, created problems for us even before the lesson began. She insisted one of us to be gone.

I could not be bothered much about her since I knew how arrogant and bitchy all along since a year ago, until she started to kick more fusses. She pin-pointed us for the chairs we moved to the system’s corner to sit our butts.

I would not be on a losing end if the sound did not cock up, it was not our territory but after all I knew roughly how the equipments work. It just could not produce any sound with the bitch barking around, my already exhausted mind could not solve it with the irritation. She asked for Chen De and I took the chance to escape from her personal inbuilt body PA system.

I made stupid trips to bring small PC speak over. Chen De did not stay after that and we left Yuqing behind alone.

Hours later, Yuqing called to ask someone to take over him. Since Kwang Han was having tuition in the evening and could not stay behind, I was the “only” candidate. So, I spent the rest of the boring hours there with the lousy projectors, worrying it might fail me anytime.

I hated to pack up everything alone and hang them all over my hands to bring them back to office. I hated to cloak just half an hour of overtime and miss the free shuttle buses and having to go home alone. By the way, I stayed for an hour but the overtime timing started only after half an hour – how stingy and unjustifiable.

It was a night when even dinner looked so unappetizing.

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