Looked around

[Tuesday, 30 May, 2006]

Late at night, the train was still so crowded with people. There were also more pretty girls than usual; however, I had begun to lose the urge to look at pretty girls ever since soaking in Vivi’s love. Of course, life would be too boring if there are too many restrictions and both of us know it well.

I saw couples walking in, hands on the shoulders or waists, trying to squeeze some jealousy out of me. Yes I was impressed, because I certainly could not get to see her as often as they meet each other.

It was difficult to live with my phone with flat batteries. I was worried that she would call me and start to panic. Perhaps, I supposed she did not call; I was not sure if it was a good or bad sign.

The torment is just the beginning. I would never give up no matter what, unless one day she ever backs out.

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