Medical appointment on the parade day

The terror comes again with the announcement of the Commander’s parade. Everyone is annoyed by it since they have to reach earlier than usual; but they have not realised who are needed to go even earlier to set up everything.

We are not provided bunks in camp for us to stay overnight in and we cannot take the first train because it was not earlier enough. It would be ridiculous for us to take cab down with double charge and I would most probably have to pay around $20 for the fee; *** is not paying us for transportation.

The sudden announcement of the parade gives me another problem as well, as it crushes on the same time as my medical appointment at MMI. It is a tractor session with review after and I finally have the MRI report which certainly helps a lot in the analysis of my condition. I have waited two weeks for this appointment.

Ben is easy with it. He does not require so many people to help out and since Shep has told him to get more lab technicians to be involved, he confidently assures he does not need my help for this event. However, Shep’s mind is hard to predict and I am not sure if she would permit my absence.

I can postpone the appointment, which will cause longer delay. However, it is already so late that I would be making things difficult for Kenneth. This is one of the reasons I hate about medical appointments.

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