My mum’s high fever

It was really difficult for me to communicate with my mum.

She assumed she was strong at her age, with some long term medication somemore, told my younger brother she was not afraid of being infected by his cough. Somehow, she managed to get her lesson when she got the cough and sore throat, most probably because of being too near to my younger brother when he was back from Tekong.

We went for dinner together to celebrate Mothers’ Day. This time, Vivi joined us and I was glad that she was making progress to blend in together with my family. It was the usual seafood stall at the coffee shop though we had a few different dishes this time. My mum as usual, tried to empty all the plates. She took the remaining oily gravy of the herbal chicken despite our opposing; she mixed the rest of the mayonise sauce (she rarely took it) with some remaining vegetable to make “salad” and finished the whole of it despite our warning.

Her cough worsened at night and she seemed so weak; we thought nothing was wrong at first. Temperature measured for her was at around 37.1 degree Celsius. It was after I got home, she started vomiting and her temperature rose to 39 plus. In fact, the thermometer always gave a lighter rating.

We managed to persuade her to go to the hospital only after midnight. Luckily it was a fast one as we were sent to another side of the A&E (Accident and Emergency) department. Her temperature taken at the door was 39.9 degree Celsius. After waiting for a while, my mum felt better by then and the doctor found nothing much serious about her; however, he advised her to go to the specialist to check out for her gastric problem.

Actually, I realised how difficult it was for Dr Colin to communicate with my mum. There were numerous times he asked her questions but she kept giving other totally irrelevant answers. It was not for her high fever that was causing the confusion but her usual self.

She was given a number of medicines for cough, sore throat, vomit, fever and gastric pain. My heart ached when I saw the medicines as I had them at home for free except for the different type of panadols and lozenges. My elder brother paid more than $80 for everything including the two trips of cab fares. We got home at one plus in the morning.

In the afternoon, I gave my brother $50 to bear half of the cost and he was smiling happily; he never expected me to share it since he was always paying for things and I knew it was not very fair to him. However, I was not sure if I was doing the right thing since he was someone who would spend every cent away each month while I was the opposite. And also, he was the culprit for half of the high electricity bill for switching on the air-conditioner everyday even during afternoon. Very likely, he would not have taken the money from me if he did not have a girlfriend now.

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