New physiotherapist

[Friday, 05 May, 2006]

Even though I was a regular at the MMI physiotherapy centre, it was so different this time. Miss Archana was no longer working there and I was seeing the new physiotherapist for the first time.

Luck was not with me in the morning as it was pouring again. I was lazy to take out my umbrella from my bag and therefore I waited for the rain to quiet down a bit before I dashed over to the DSO building.

Being caught in the rain, I still waited so long inside the freezing place. It was quite crowded again and things could be much faster if there were a few more clerks.

I got my traction again and the new physiotherapist said it would only act as pain killer, which really dampened my mood and motivation on recovery.

Her explanation of my problems was clear with the aids of the artefact models. I had quite a lot of discussions with her.

We talked about exercising and like what I had analysis on my own, swimming and cycling was better than jogging due to the less impact, and so she assured me. She also advised me to get a pair of knee guards to maintain the positions of my knee caps to avoid more rubbing.

We also talked about downgrading of my PES status and she said my conditions were not under the criteria, thus there were little hopes. She understood that I was going to ORD soon and since she did not want me to waste money after my ORD, she wanted me to go back twice a week for gym.

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