One year later…

[Monday, 15 May, 2006]

It was probably the last visit to the Orthopaedic Surgery at SGH.

Waiting time was around fifty minutes and compared with the previous times, it was real fast. There were many patients and I thought I had to wait for at least two hours. Anyway, I dozed off as usual and was shocked to see my number suddenly; I did not know how long they waited for me.

The specialist looked young. I thought he could do something to help me but he explained he was helpless with my condition. I asked him to write a letter to recommend me for downgrade and he said he would write everything truthfully but could not guarantee it. I reminded him of my knee problems and he promised he would indicate them as well. Then, he asked me to go back a year later.

This screwed up hypocrite did not keep his promise and he was certainly not an upright doctor, as if I had stolen his girlfriend. I opened the “recommend downgrade” letter for the MO as I was leaving the hospital to realise that he had only include my MRI report, which I already had, not stating the knee injuries like Osgood Schlatter disease and another problem which I did not know the name that was rubbing the knee caps. Anyway, he only suggested light duty for me and never mentioned anything about downgrading.

I swear I would never name my future son “Darren”; whatever “Lim”, whatever “Song” and whatever “Cheng” sound so disgusting. Why go to the doctor since they cannot cure nor help you?

One year later I would be out of army already and how do I get the money to see specialists?

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