Physiotherapy was scary

[Tuesday, 09 May, 2006]

Nobody would believe that my body was so weak that I had fallen sick again with flu and cough. It was not that I had been taking junk food again, but being passed on; but I loved it still.

Of course, I did not look like a sickly child. I made it this far due to the determination I had all these years, pushing myself in all physical activities. It was all for the injuries I quite regretted.

A terrible day ended.

Firstly, the return of the forty-eight full desktops by the 8SIG. I needed not exert myself at first but eventually helped out with the carrying of the monitors; a little was enough to hurt my back.

I had to rush for the physiotherapy appointment at MMI. This time, I was really scared when Dom introduced me the new programme. Most of the time, I would stay there longer in order to complete all the exercises and then more items were added on, that I needed to work out for at least two hours excluding waiting time.

This time round, there were more than twenty items. Looking back at the previous night which I had just gone for a jog, my aching legs pleaded. I struggled and at times my face turned pale. I did not complete everything as it reached 5pm without my knowledge.

On the way to take the shuttle bus, my left toes started having cramps that I almost thought I would not be able to make it home.

I survived.

Physiotherapy was scary.

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