Polyclinics for two days MC

[Thursday, 11 May, 2006]

I stepped into the polyclinic with queue number 5036, being the thirty-six patient at 0745h. The clerk assigned me to room 29, Dr. Sally Ho, and I felt it was kind of coincidence since my mum was mentioning she always asked for this doctor specially.

I sat there thinking I should be able to see the doctor soon but the first patient somehow was adducted and kept everyone waiting.

The number was skipped and the next patient went in. Just as I thought everything was fine, one old uncle went in right after the patient came out and another guy was telling him, “It’s not your turn yet.” But this troublesome looking uncle replied, “Nevermind, I will talk to the doctor.”

Similar to what I had thought, this old uncle must be pestering the doctor inside that he took such a long time to come out and when I got inside after another patient, it was already nine plus. I thought those idiots would have spoilt her mood.

The check-up was fast. I opened my mouth twice for her and she told me she would not be giving me antibiotic since it was a normal flu, cough and sore throat. Then, she stunned me by asking if I wanted one or two days’ MC.

That was the first time ever in polyclinic that I was given chance to get two days MC. I got one day only since the next day was a holiday – Vesak Day. So freaky, I could have super long weekends to rest if I did not have HLS duty the previous day and thus could not visit the doctor.

I continued to chat with her while she was printing out the MC even though my throat was torturing me. She was friendly.

It was soon I took my medicine after breakfast and started dozing off with the drowsiness. It was all for Vivi’s accompany the whole afternoon was great that even sleeping could be such a great entertainment.

The drowsiness caused by the medicine refused to leave me.

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