Return of younger brother

[Saturday, 06 May, 2006]

My younger brother finally returned home from Tekong after his seven-day field camp. In fact, it has been around two weeks since he last stepped in; they burned his previous weekends and the Labour’s Day holiday.

He was alright except for the sprain on his ankle quite a few weeks ago and his fingers could hardly move after digging trench and “graveyard”.

He was complaining to me about the lack of welfare that they did not do much about his 38.8 Degree Celsius fever. I guessed it was culture shock for when I used to be in Orion Company last time; it was not so cocked up. At least, the previous commanders knew smart soldiers should take cover under shades; this new batch of sergeants could be born in the seventies, being too deserted from the new trend – what they called the 3G army.

I hated that place as it was where arrogant people dominated. The same reason why I did not want to join a uniform group when I was in secondary school, everyone was being commanded like dogs for more than two years before they were promoted and started to humiliate and laugh over the newbie for less than two years; just that in NS you would be trained for at least seven months to get a third sergeant rank to order others about. I did not like to be a sadist.

He told me that many of the trainees collapsed and I asked jokily why he did not want to join in the fun, and he told me it was very embarrassing to drop out. He had this interesting attribute to persevere on; unlike me, I did not give up just because I did not know my limits and this is how I got my injuries.

Anyway, he got my house so stinky.

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