I detested this rumour of Quek going to another department; though we would be still under the same branch, he would not be able to shelter us like now. I hoped it was not true.

Ben would be promoted soon and taking over Chen De’s job as the sleeping I/C. Though Chen De did not appear in the office or was just sleeping most of the time, we still could get him for help in very emergency cases; he was going to clear leave soon.

However, Ben would be posted back to BMTC for recourse for ten weeks and he might get a new posting after that. With Ben’s absence, Chen De clearing leave and possibility of one of us going to E-Plaza, AVA would be left with just two guys out of Yuqing, Kwang Han and I.

The lab technicians, except for Siu Hang and Gilbert, were not ready to help out at all; I supposed others were expecting them to coordinate well with us regarding all the PA systems and usual daily work. Nobody had organised them well enough, as well as to change their mindsets.

I predicted new manpower to join TRMS with the completion of the courses this week but Ah Teck’s platoon would not even get their posting until a month later. I supposed the whole platoon would become AP (awaiting posting) and would be doing all the shit work in camp instead. It was crap for we really needed the manpower…

Facts had proven that I should not have cared too much and I should just enjoy my remaining days. Less than five months to ORD.

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