Second day of hell

[Tuesday, 30 May, 2006]

It was the second day and things did not turn better except that I had tried to keep myself calmer and accepted the fact that I was going to suffer for more days. There were more ridiculous things happening and I could not help but to hate and suspect.

Why do you guys want to make things difficulties for people who only act as middlemen? You are the ones being stupidly paid highly by the disgusting organisation and we are being forced to submit ourselves and being so lowly paid, yet you expect us to take up responsibilities. If you want to run an event, why do you want to make others pay for little things just like batteries when the price is so insignificant to you and that you can even claim money from the organisation?

Life is lots of bullshit and promises are not kept. Fuckers want to get things done easily but never spare thoughts for others. There are people of high ranks, able to accomplish things just by forcing others to work them out.

No doubt, there were also nice people around. Captain Ang was really cute and easy-going, reminding me of 1SG Henry especially with the ways he talked. Those sergeants were basically quite nice and enthusiastic as well.

I missed the SI cohesive event again as usual but luckily, Rongji packed food over for us. I was quite touched for he brought so many big packets over; if I were him I would not dare to take so much food. However, we did not really have the chance to eat until everything was kind of being frozen.

I seriously hate doing extra work there in a place where nobody would really appreciate. The two days OFF for handling the event are not worthwhile when I have to work the whole day with stupid demands until late evening by doing Overtime; I rather sleep or play LANs game everyday in camp and go home at normal time.

When we got to know Quek was coming back to camp to do some work, we were so happy that we could get OFF for next week but he said Monday would be a busy day and so we had to drop the idea. It was so difficult to use the OFF and that mine had piled up so much that some day someone might take strike them away due to jealousy.

Commander’s speech was so lengthy that I could guarantee that the audience on the actual day would most probably doze off by the deep contents. The presentation slides did by Captain Christopher was impressive though and he had to coordinate with the speech, which he did well.

It was a more tiring day than the day before, which stretched till near 8pm. I wanted to rush home as fast as possible but Yuqing was in a daze to reflect on the way he failed to handle those jerks.

Other than having to standby at the cold room for the whole day, we had to deal with lots of questions which I was not sure of how to answer. The handling of lights and sound mixer were alright except when more things crowded in to block the place. Without a proper resting place, my aching back worsened.

I was totally exhausted and depleted again.

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